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If you google the definition of “branding” you may find several answers as there are various types of branding. The simplest definition I found was “distinctive wording or design used to identify a particular brand” and this was according to Dictionary.com. Seems simple enough…. but it is so much more than that and it’s beyond intriguing!

Business owners pour hours and hours of preparation into the smallest details of their brand. A branding session allows you to tell YOUR individualized story, digitally! How fun is that?! Planning a branding session, discussing ideas, and developing vision boards based on a business’ concept has become an obsession of mine. Sitting down and piecing together a unique “branding puzzle” is exhilarating to me. It’s exciting because each one is distinctive in several ways and no one session will EVER look the same. Lighting, colors, tones, the mood… it’s all different for each and every brand.

In this digital age, a business’ first impression is usually made online somewhere. What impression do you want to make?!

Bridget Blood and I met through photography. We rent studio space at the same location and learned we work really well together. We meet up every now and again for some amazing coffee and peer motivation. Our last meeting was about branding and I was thrilled when she asked me to take some new images for her that represent her brand. It was a blast! She is fun, spunky, easy to be around and professional. These qualities were what I aimed to capture in her…how’d I do?! What is your first impression of Bridget? Traditional headshots show a face while branding tells a story!

Branding pictures OKC | Business Photographer OKC | Headshots OKC
Branding Session at Ellis Island Bryant location in Edmond, OK with Bridget Blood

Before I wrap up, here are just a few benefits of using a professional photographer and videographer for your branding session!

- The WOW factor from the first time they “meet” you online

- Images specific to your brand are way better than stock photos

- Employees are encouraged to be a part of the branding session so you can introduce your clients and customers to them even if they never meet in person.

- One session can offer fresh digital content for your website and/or social media platforms for months.

I’d love to chat with you more about your branding vision and knock your 2020 content out of the park! Contact me here: https://www.jodyaphotography.com/contact

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