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Little Tips for Big Wins: Headshots

Every year I jump in front of the camera and have headshots taken to remind myself what clients go through to prepare for a session. And it can be stressful, I know, but doesn't have to be. Here are a few things I did this year that help ease some anxiety... and one posing tip to help no matter what pose you are in!

1. Clothing: I stuck to my brand colors and kept things basic

When I started shopping for that one perfect top to wear, I ended up at 10 stores with no top (NOT FUN). Then I reeled it back in and narrowed options to only brand colors with no patterns. I look best in no patterns in photos. Many of you can rock patterns... I am a little jealous. I have broad shoulders and they just stretch me out. So I found a basic black top with a little detail to add that uniqueness I wanted. Since I went black top and dark jeans a pair it with leopard shoes and a brown belt for more detail.

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Headshot at White Moose Studios in OKC

2. Professional Hair and Makeup - Took that stress off myself

I hired @gaby.makeupartisty to make me feel like a celebrity. I sat in her chair and relaxed while she worked her magic and made my skin and hair look flawless (which is no easy task I must add). Makeup is so so important as it photographs differently then we see in real life. It needs to be a little bolder, a little more of it, and still subtle to have that natural feel. If you can't add hair and makeup to your budget, Gaby offered a few great tips to help get the end result you want! From Gaby:

1. Drink lots of water leading up to that day for your freshest skin

2. Skin prep like a boss: Wash your face, moisturize and use an eye cream

3. Keep the look simple and add a pop of color on the lips

Eyes are the focus so take your time on your mascara and blend eye colors well. If you can add lashes, awesome!

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Chin in front of that belly button :)

3. Finally, the posing tip! Chin in front of your belly button!

No matter if you are standing or sitting, chin in front of the belly button (unless your pregnant) :) It may feel a little funny at first but when you follow this tip, it elongates your neck and makes your face the focus the headshot. After all that is the point of a headshot, for your viewers to see that stunning face!

After photographing hundreds of headshots and business portraits, these things are key and can be simple stress releivers. Keep your clothes simple and stuctured; no need to overthink or over-plan this. Makeup, why not pamper yourself? Don't forget to plan a date night or something fun while your done up! Pose with that chin in front of your belly button to give you that stunning neck & jawline while making your face & smile the focus of the image.

My headshots were taken by the talented www.brandipricephotography.com (THE Oklahoma City senior photographer with an unforgettable experience

Makeup by the amazing @gaby.makeupartisty on insta!

Location: the wonderful www.whitemoosestudios.com

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