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Micro Weddings…. What’s to LOVE?!

As you may know … Covid-19 has sent so many things that we knew into a tailspin including the wedding industry. Weddings were rescheduled, venues and vendors had to be changed, guest counts were limited… enter the Micro Wedding!

This past weekend I had the privilege of photographing an intimate Micro Wedding. The previous guest list topped 150 but due to city regulations was whittled down to 50 (INCLUDING the caterers and photographers). Even though this wasn’t the vision the couple had for their “Big Day” it morphed into something amazing!

The couple embraced this change and incorporated some moments that could not have been done with a larger crowd. Here’s what they did to make this the most memorable wedding I have been a part of!

- During the ceremony they passed their ring, which they were about to exchange, around to each of their family and friends. The people they are closest to were given the honor of blessing and praying over the rings. It was a moving thing to watch, to say the least.

- The couple gave their own toasts and they included EVERYONE in the room. They talked to family and friends about how each person impacted their individual journeys as well as their journey as a couple. It was lighthearted and funny yet so moving. There were tears throughout the room.

- There was no DJ. The first wedding I have attended that there wasn’t music and dancing but this meant more time for interaction with their guests. Almost everyone stayed for the entirety of the reception because it was full of conversations, connections, and so so many laughs.

These were just a few of the changes that the Micro Wedding allowed for that a larger guest count may not have. Lastly, these adjustments to their day didn’t make it any less meaningful but may have in fact made it more eloquent than they thought possible.

If you made it this far into the reading… you are the first to know! I am working on Micro Wedding Packages and will be booking those starting in November 2020!

Wondering where to host a Micro wedding? A unique, intimate location for a Micro Wedding in Oklahoma City is White Moose Studios – Scissortail Location. www.whitemoosestudios.com

The wedding I am referencing was held at The Depot in Norman and it was a great space for 50 people or less.

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