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Printing your Images - By Brandi Price Photography

In this digital age most clients are only concerned about receiving their digital images from their professional photography session. While it is not a bad thing to have those, it is also so important to print some of those images. Hopefully you have chosen a photographer that offers products and will help you determine what is best for you!

You can take your digital files you received and take them to Wal-Mart, Walgreens, etc, but most people don’t have time and forget about them. Those beautiful images that you worked so hard planning usually end up lost in a drawer on a USB or forgotten on your computer’s desktop. If you ever do get around to printing through a huge consumer lab a lot of times your images come back green or over/under saturated or cropped at a weird spot. Let your photographer worry about all of that! When you order through your photographer, they are using professional print labs that produce perfect images and high quality products. As photographers, we spend a lot of time making sure we choose a lab that prints images that match exactly what you see on the screen.

Another reason to order through your photographer is we provide high quality, heirloom products. You will be able to pass these down to your children and them to their children. I love looking back at old photographs of my family and seeing who I look like or who my children look like. You will have these to cherish forever, not just a day on social media. I love the thought of my clients sitting around as a family looking through their album and reminiscing on all the fun memories that were created. All you mom’s that have teens, how much will you love looking through an album of your child from their senior year after they have left home. I had a mom tell me “It’s like a virtual hug on those days when I am missing her.” 

Your photographer can also provide you with items that you can’t purchase just anywhere. The albums that I offer have thick sturdy pages that will not rip or tear. There are also several types of pages to choose from such as silk, lustre, and metallic! And you have several options for your album covers as well. Leather, canvas print, and metal prints are just a few of the options you have for your cover.

Another amazing product to purchase is wall art. Children absolutely love seeing their pictures hanging up in the house. I love going home to my parent’s and still seeing mine and my siblings senior pictures hanging in the living room. There are several options for wall art. You can choose from canvas wraps (yes you can purchase these cheaply other places, but the quality isn’t in the same ballpark!) metal prints, framed and matted prints as well as other options each photographer might choose.

Author: Brandi Price Photography. Check out her amazing work at https://www.brandipricephotography.com


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