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Safety Tips for at-home Newborn Photos!

Updated: Mar 28

Safety is the most important thing when taking photos, especially newborn photos. So here are some quick tips!


- Wash hands often.

- Wrap baby snug but not constricting around the neck. Constantly check the swaddle around the neck.

- When swaddling with the feet tucked up by the belly, watch the umbilical cord if still present.

- Have AT LEAST 2 sets of hands. Baby can startle and move quickly.

- Keep baby's head position as neutral as possible.

- Lay baby only on a solid surface and in the middle of that surface.

- Use a camera or wrist strap to secure camera to you.


- Force baby into any position.

- Leave baby unattended.

- Overheat baby, especially when swaddled.

This is not a complete safety list for newborn pictures but a good start! The best thing about doing an at-home newborn session with your baby is you have TIME! This is supposed to be an enjoyable experience for you and baby. You can start when baby is nice an asleep or if you want some awake shots, wait until they are content to start. The best advice I have is baby is in charge and they are the boss, listen to them.

A very quick video... enjoy!

Safety is the first priority as a newborn photographer. We love adorable baby pictures but we have to be safe first!

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