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The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies

As a branding, content and product photographer, I document the PROCESS not just the product. I want your clients to feel like they are baking cookies with you. I want your clients to smell those fresh baked discs of goodness through their screen. Branding sessions and content photography are sooo much more than just a photoshoot, it is a digital story and experience. So I invite you to join me in my kitchen while we make my favorite treat, the best classic chocolate chip cookies around.

First thing first...

this was also the 3rd, 5th, 8th, 11th... thing we did cause we can't keep our hands off our face.

This recipe has been used countless times in my kitchen, if you can't tell. Pretty sure I don't need it anymore but it is like a safety blanket hanging there just in case.

Product content and branding
The magic mixture! Link to recipe at the bottom of the page!

The best part... well second best after the chocolate I suppose.

content branding products the process
Vanilla! The best part, after the chocolate chips I guess. We LOVE the vanilla from the Savory Spice Shop in OKC.

The perfect golden batter

product photography

Bake at 350 for 10-11 minutes. 11 minutes is perfection in my oven

cookies baking food photography

The inside of my oven is a cobalt blue with black speckles. Makes it interesting to clean!

Finally, what all the preparation and mixing is all about! The perfect chocolate chip cookie!

food product photographer OKC
Soft and chewy center with a crispy edge

Let's be honest.... I ate more than one and the ice cold milk was the perfect sidekick!

Branding backing content creation

If this doesn't make you want some warm chocolate chip cookies and cold milk, not sure what will!

Branding photography sessions include lifestyle photos of you, your brand and employees performing everyday tasks so your clients feel like they are right there with you. Headshots (lifestyle or posed) of your employees are a great way to introduce them to your clients even before they shop with you.

Finally, this is the feel of MY kitchen. With branding sessions or product images, they will feel like YOUR brand. That is the ultimate goal for content sessions is for the final product to feel like you!

Recipe: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/10813/best-chocolate-chip-cookies/

For more about branding sessions, content creation or product photography: https://www.jodyaphotography.com

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