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Two Simple Poses for Taking Your Newborn Photos at Home

Updated: Mar 28

During this crazy time, I want all the families to be able to capture these precious newborn memories so I made a quick, simple tutorial to help you take newborn photos in the comfort of your home. I'd LOVE to see some final baby pictures!

The Set Up:

- A low poser of any kind. A crib mattress, large couch cushion or even the floor could work!

- Multiple blankets both thick and thin.

- Rolled blanket or travel pillow (like the ones that go on your neck on airplanes)

- Blanket, sheet or stretchy fabric for top layer.

- Swaddle of some kind. Swaddle blankets, scarf, old sweater cut up, jersey fabric, stretchy sheets could all be used

- Hats, bonnets or headbands if you'd like.

- Other props such as stuffed animals, wedding rings, personal items of family members... the options are endless. Just be sure they are safe for baby and not by their face.

- Camera with strap

One of my favorite setups for newborn pictures...the low poser with multiple blankets. Tip: fold them in half or more to create more layers, this will give you a smoother top layer.

Taking pictures of your precious baby:

- Set poser close to a window but out of direct light. Sheer curtains can defuse light nicely!

- Roll one blanket into a long "worm" and put that under all the layers of blankets (see video).

- Baby perpendicular to the window or head closer to window than feet. This will provide flattering lighting.

- I start swaddled then move to arms out but at home, you could do whatever work best for you and baby.

- Lay baby all the way on top of the rolled blanket and have their bum in the "dip"

- Angle yourself above their face. Remember that camera strap!!!

- If you are unsure how to set your camera you can use auto settings. If shooting manual, I like a Lowe aperture to create a little background blur.

- HAVE FUN! Be creative.

- Take multiple shots from multiple angles. In the video, I demonstrate some different angles.

Here is the quick (iPhone...eeekk) video of how to achieve these timeless newborn photos. It may not be pretty but it works! :)

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