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Your Session is Complete... Now what?

Once upon a time, you invested in a wonderful photo session…. Now what?! Hopefully this information will help clear up the question of what to do with those gorgeous images!

Let’s get this one out of the way, Digitals. Digital images are just that, copies of images in a digital format whether that be on CD, USB, digital download and several more delivery options. Digital images are wonderful to have but as we all know technology is changing every day and the current digital format will be outdated one day. Digital images can be lost or destroyed just the same as physical prints and products. With all digital items, they can get buried on a computer, in a file, and are sometimes forgotten. How sad is that?! You have invested in, planned, got ready for, traveled to and participated in a session…You received beautiful images and now they live on your computer…

Enter physical prints and products…

Prints are the standard format many of us are familiar with. A paper print can be framed, hung up, placed in a photo album, the list could go on and on. Prints are the most common form of image display. Prints come in various sizes and there are many paper choices to bring those images to life!

Canvas are printed on canvas paper and often stretched over a frame. They make wonderful wall displays as they can be printed large, don’t need a frame, and they are rich with color! Canvas prints make breathtaking collages!

Metal Prints are printed on metal and finished with a brilliant coating to make pictures POP off the wall. These are the perfect statement piece for a living room, entry way or anywhere you want that WOW factor!

Albums are a book of images that will take your breath away. Albums and photo books differ in that albums have nice thick pages that don’t bend easy. There is no “break” in the image where the pages enter the spin of the book, they are seamless and lay flat. Albums are the perfect addition to a coffee or end table, and they are the perfect way to display the highlight reel of your session. Albums can be passed down for generations!

Press Printed Cards are the perfect way to share your pictures with others! You can introduce a newborn, share a high school graduate, or send holiday wishes to your family and friends with these one of a kind cards!

There are so many wonderful options for displaying and sharing your beautiful images with family and friends. Let your photographer help you with that! Photographers who offer prints and products often work directly with their print lab to ensure unbeatable quality and color precision. Let them help you with this investment that will last a lifetime!

Some tips:

For prints and wall displays, measure the space prior to ordering. I love traveling to my client’s homes so I can physically show them what a 16x24 wall piece will look like compared to an 8X10. You can cut cardboard or paper into the various print sizes and hold them up to your wall to ensure the picture will fill but not overtake the space.

Also, consider the orientation of the space. Is it long and skinny or wide and open? Long skinny spaces are best filled with vertical images. Wide open spaces with large prints or collages.

Digital images are wonderful to have and share on social media or keep for later and physical prints and products are a great way to enjoy your images each an everyday!

Let your photographer help preserve your memories for a LIFETIME!

This blog originally appeared on https://www.brandipricephotography.com/blog and I was honored to guest blog for Brandi!

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